Dry lube/Wet lube?

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I ususally use teflon dry lube for my chain, not sure thats best, would like to know what everyone tends to use, all comments welcome please


  • dazzawazza
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    I used to use the Finish Line wet lube, but the drive system picked up every bit of gunk possible. I now use the FL dry teflon lube and apply it more often.
    Every so often I spray a rag with GT85 and wipe the chain etc. I try to swap the chain every 800 miles and do a big clean up of the drive system then.
    This method works well for me and keeps the bikes clean with the minimal of effort.
  • Scrumple
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    Purple Extreme every 200 miles, after a good clean. Or, good quality dry lube.
    Spray some teflon spray (GT85 or similar) JUST to keep the water out (it isn't a chain lube!).

    New chain at 800 miles (as above).

    Keep the grit and dirt out, and keep checking the chain with a wear indicator.

    Avoid stretching the chain by using opposite extremes of gears on the front/back cogs.

    Only consider wet lube if riding in soaking conditions, regularly... and then up the cleaning to a few times a week!

    Unfortunately, the only way to keep it all going is proper cleaning routine!
  • alfablue
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    To me the answer to the dry/wet conundrum has been Progold Prolink lube. It has the characteristics of both, it is very clean but it lasts like a wet lube even in foul weather. I have used it all through the winter for commuting and it lasts really well. I have tried all the rest and this one is the best IMHO.
  • Ste_S
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    Depends on what you're using the bike for.

    If it's for a hack/commuter that's going to be ridden in the rain a lot without cleaning/re-lubing after wet rides, then use a wet lube.

    Everything else, use dry.
  • jjojjas
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    daily commuter and MTB get wetlube.....but it does pick up the crap
    Road bike gets dry lube.........only dry rides for pleasure/fitness
    it looks a bit steep to me.....