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new bike - slight wheel movement /wobble

doog442doog442 Posts: 370
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took delivery of a new specialized tricross sport week before last from my not so local LBS. Took it out for a spin and noticed both front and rear brakes were rubbing ever so slightly.

Had a closer look,lifted the bike and spun the wheels. Both wheels have an ever so slight 'wobble' in them causing the brakes to slightly hit the rim at a certain point.

Clearly this isnt normal and I could adjust the brakes to stop the brake rub but without being too pedantic, how much minor movement / wobble should there be? IE should you expect NIL visible lateral movement when viewed from above on spinning the tyres.

Having ridden a mtb for months previously ive never bothered looking before. Although i expect the LBS to true the wheels i dont want to be fobbed off with 'thats just normal mate'..type of answer

they give it a 6 week service, should i take it back now and get them to true the wheels ASAP..or wait until the service, or is slight movement the norm?


  • Take it back - wheels on a new bike should be perfectly true. OK after a few rides and the wheels have 'bedded in' they might need tweaking but not before it's been ridden.
  • doog442doog442 Posts: 370
    thanks for that, i hope they dont think ive done it / hammered it, - they recommended it for my commute which is a mixture of road / forest- havent put it through its paces on that yet due to holiday
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