Tour of Ireland stage 4 *spoiler*

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Won by Russell Downing - Nice result!

Julian Dean in the lead.
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    You mean Champion of New Zealand Julian Dean.

    I think that's what it says on his birth certificate.
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    Downing is in the lead by two seconds from Dean.

    Not sure I'd like to be heading into tomorrows stage with 2 seconds lead.

    Oh - St. Patricks Hill has been completely resurfaced and we haven't enough "proper" rain to clean the surface. If we get more drizzle tomorrow it may make a tough climb even worse.
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    Must say the TV coverage of this race has been very good. Nice little feature on Team Type 1 on tonight's stage.

    I usually hate stuff like that in the Tour de France coverage, but it's good to see some stuff about the smaller teams. Hopefully the ToB coverage will be just as good.
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    I noticed on the Tour de France they had man made traffic islands, are the green bits in the middle of the Irish roads a green equivalent. Whached on Friday and really enjoyed it but there looked to be some very slippy bits of road, Well done to Mark Cavendish for winning the stage after coming off earlier.

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    Much to my surprise the IT4 coverage and photography has been excellent. It is up to TdF standard and far better than the Olympic Road Races coverage where one never got an appreciation of just how hard the course was.
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    Hopefully they'll give the same coverage to the ToB. I imagine it'll be the same standard, seeing as it's the same channel, but anything must be better than the woeful coverage the BBC have given it since it's comeback.
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    Who is the host broadcaster for TOB? i.e. who provides camera crews?
  • Full marks to 'ITV 4' good to see Ireland can promote a cycle race. I enjoyed views of the Irish countryside and the many towns visited on the route. On sunday night's edition the coverage was excellent, especially the hill climb in cork city.
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    Tourist Board peole were sponsoring
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  • TV was good but the turnout on the roadside was very poor except for last stage. TV coverage was great but in Ireland it was only on between 11 and 11.30pm. So most people never saw any on tv and it never captured the public imagination like it could have.

    That said great last stage - downing rode very well but superb win by Pinotti, esp as he had riden 3 stages so hard for Cav early in the week.