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London to week!!!

davelakersdavelakers Posts: 762
Cant believe this has come round so quick.

We are cycling from Twickenham to Portsmouth on the first day - approx 80 miles.
2nd day is Caen to Bernay - approx 60 miles.
3rd day is Bernay to Paris - 100miles.

Ive not done a century yet, but I have completed numerous very hilly and tough sportives and social rides so I have no fears of the distance. My only fear is doing serious miles day after day. Ive never done more than a 67 & 75 mile weekend before and the 3rd day does seem quite daunting!!

Any tips on how to cope with leg fatigue? I will of course do a normal warm down/stretching routine, but will Rego make a difference?

I have today bought what I believe will be THE MOST beneficial help, a nice tub of Udderley Smooth!!


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