What AM/DH rims?

garysspencer Posts: 14
edited September 2008 in MTB buying advice
The rims I have got it down to are the Sun Ringle Equalizer 27's (483g) in white, the Sun Ringle Equalizer 29's (520g) in white, the Syncros D28's (542g) in white, the Spank Sabrosa's (565g) in white and the DT Swiss 5.1d's (500g).

I currently have a set of WTB Dual Duty Rims (575g), with unknown black spokes and Hope Pro 2 hubs. I'd like to keep the hubs, but the purpose of changing the rims and spokes was for something lighter and of better quality. The type of terrain I ride the most is trail centres, mainly in Wales and occasionally Scotland. However, I am also a keen downhiller whenever I get the chance riding places like Morzine most recently but also Cwm Down, Fort William and Glentress on my Fox 36 equipped 08 Heckler. Ideally I'd have two sets of wheels, one for downhilling and one for trail centres but at the moment this isn't an option so this set of wheels would have to survive both disciplines.

Given all of this, which rims would you recommend to be built with 32 DT Competition spokes?

Any help would be much apprecited.