What does the future hold for David Millar?

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I noticed he is TEAM LEADER for the strange golfing jersey people in the Tour of Ireland. Does this signal that his performance is improving? He's only 31.

Or has he plateaud (?) and will end up as a DS at the team he parts own in due course? He didn't do much in this year's Tour but he seemed satisfied.

OR can we hope for him to achieve something dramatic in a grand tour next year? Might we see him back in yellow in the TdF?

What with his diaries and his gravitas he seems set to become the Grand Old Man of British road racing one day. I mean, Duffers can't last forever.
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    What does the future hold for David Millar?

    David Millar: [on what he would do if he couldn't be a cyclist] Well, I suppose I could, uh, work in a shop of some kind, or... or do, uh, freelance, uh, selling of some sort of, uh, product. You know...

    David Duffield: A salesman?

    David Maillar: A salesman, like maybe in a, uh, haberdasher, or maybe like a, uh, um... a hat shop or something. You know, like, "Would you... what size do you wear, sir?" And then you answer me.

    David Duffield: Uh... Seven and a quarter?.

    David Millar: "I think we have that." See, something like that I could do.

    David Duffield: Yeah... you think you'd be happy doing something like-...

    David Millar: "No; we're all out. Do you wear black?" See, that sort of thing I think I could probably... muster up.

    David Duffield: Do you think you'd be happy doing that?

    David Miller: Well, I don't know - could I call it "Chapeau David Millar"?

    (Sorry. I was bored!)
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    He could write a book of excuses :wink:

    No, he's a classy rider and he's also a part owner of the Garmin team, so I imagine he might hang around as the team owner and manager and work alongside Vaughters.
  • Ouch tough crowd!

    He could have won a stage in Giro but for Chain snap....
    Plus he only just missed the yellow jersey/stage win after the first time trial .... given Schumees cleaner than clean image that was a super ride!!

    General classification after stage 4
    1 Stefan Schumacher (Ger) Gerolsteiner 14.04.41
    2 Kim Kirchen (Lux) Team Columbia 0.12
    3 David Millar (GBr) Team Garmin-Chipotle p/b H30

    He could medal at worlds in TT or RR. He is certainly never going to win Grand Tour but he is still class and well able to pick up stages in any race.

    ... a bit hardsh lads! (all this and I am not a big Millar fan either!)
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    Depending on what you read during TdF he was team leader there too. :? But given his part ownership of the team, his experience and Garmin slightly different way of doing things that he's got this team captain kind of role, as opposed to the more traditional "eam leader because he stands the best chance of winning" role.