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ThermaltakeThermaltake Posts: 40
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Hey, been looking on the forums for a while but not posting, so good evening to all! :)

Been out of biking for the last year or so but gonna start getting back on it, anyone here been to boltby recently, the last couple of years i dont think anyone has cared for the trails round there. Last time i went, routes were blocked and trees were overgrown.

Anyone here been recently and found a half decent trail?? Any help appreciated!



  • dave_hilldave_hill Posts: 3,877
    Can't help you directly I'm afraid but there's a name that brings back memories!

    Anyone else here remember the Boltby Bash?
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  • Yeh, did'nt manage to get up to Boltby 2day but yeh that is a trail around Boltby, last time i went could'nt even get 1 mile in without trees been in the way etc etc.

    Shame really!
  • Right, had a blast round Boltby Bash! absolutly rubbish, slog in a bog! Not like a few years ago when it was not too bad! recent weather doesnt help i suppose!
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