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Sore Hamstrings? Help (Ta)

klusterkluster Posts: 10
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Hi all, how's it going? Hope you all OK.

Went for a ride about a week ago. Before the ride I increased the length of my seatpost about an inch or two. I done this coz there was a lot of climbing and it was a long ride (about forty miles).
For a few days after the ride my legs were aching (as they would). But still now, the tendons behind my knees, and mostly up the back of my thighs (Hamstrings?) are still sore (especially when I try to put pressure down on the pedals).
Any help or advice please?

It's driving me Mad not been on the bike for two weeks.


  • robertpbrobertpb Posts: 1,866
    My advise is just to keep mobile.

    For the future check your saddle hight, quickest way is to measure your inside leg with riding shoes on then add 9% to this and that's your saddle hight. You can be lower than this but it's not advisable to be higher.

    Was your cadence high enough if it was too low this puts strain on knees and thighs.

    After a ride unwind gently, ride along some flat at an easy pace for a mile or two, when you shower massage all the leg muscles, it makes a lot of difference to the recovery time.
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  • dave_hilldave_hill Posts: 3,877
    Easiest way to check if your saddle is at the correct height is to sit in the saddle in your normal riding position - with the pedal at bottom dead centre (i.e. the lowest point in it's stroke) and the ball of your foot over the pedal spindle, your knee should be slightly bent.

    To double check, now put your heel on the pedal and your leg should be dead straight (without your knee locking).

    Always remember to stretch properly before a ride and spend the first few minutes spinning a (relatively) low gear to get warmed up properly - don't start mashing a massive gear up the nearest hill!
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