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Wrexham - Llandudno

dsmiffdsmiff Posts: 741
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Just recovering from our first long ride, 55 miles from Wrexham to Llandudno, via Ruthin(ish), Bodfari and Rhyl. Some nasty hills and a headwind all the way from Rhyl to Llandudno. Took both of us just over 4 hours, my son then played on the beach for about an hour afterwards - Got my wife to pick us both up.

My inner shorts have chaffed on my legs, think I need some new ones or some cream!

Attached the route.

Total climb: 875m
Total descent: 883m

Walking up Snowdon tommorow with the kids!
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  • Nice route fella :D Have done it a few time ma'self as I live around this area. It's always windy around here, apparantly you have to blame all the new wind farms that have been built recently. :shock:
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  • redddraggonredddraggon Posts: 10,862
    It's just shame Google maps and mapping programs that use google maps won't work on my internet connection - otherwise I'd have been tempted to try the route.
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  • dsmiffdsmiff Posts: 741
    The route was mostly traffic free, thought it would be downhill from around Llandegla - how wrong I was. Rhyl was a bit of a mare to ride through with all the traffic as was Llandudno (most of it looking for parking and not looking around) I was a bit worried with the young lad.

    The wind was a pain, knocked at least 5mph off what we would normally be travelling at.

    Fancy having a go at 100 miles now.
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