Road bike sizings?

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Totally new to this, just want something to keep fit on. So looking second hand really, and as I'm not used to the geometry of a road bike I'd have no idea what was too big?

I'm about 178cm with an 80cm inside leg, what size frames should I be looking at?



  • A 54-56cm frame ballpark for horizontal frames, or a 50-52cm sloping frame, as you appear to be practically the same stats as me (with a relatively big torso and small legs). Sizes do very though between brands!

    My Felt is a 54cm frame and came with a short stem, either a 90 or 100mm. I think I could probably do with a 120 or 130mm, just to stretch out a fraction more.
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    Get a tape measure and try this: ... ATOR_INTRO

    It might not give you "frame sizes" but it will give you figures for the geometry - from which you can work out what size you need.

    a 54cm frame does not always equal another 54cm frame......
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