first bike?

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Well i'm 15 and 10 stone. And i already do mountain biking, currently building a bike for £712. But i have also come fond of road biking. Can anyone recommend a bike that is ideally less that £400?
I saw in Halfords a Carrera going for £299.99 is that good price?


  • LeighB
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    See 'What Road Bike' at the top of this section. I went into Halfords on Sunday morning and they had a Carrera road bike on display and it looked ok and good value for money. Lots of bad press on here regarding the service and quality of staff in Halfords; I have bought a few bikes from out local branch and have never had a problem with them.
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    The Halfords thing is they are as good, or bad as the staff

    Same as any other shop.

    There are two indie local shops near me, one I wouldn't ask to fix a puncture. The other is superb

    The same applies to any, find a good shop, stick with it, be it Halfords, Evans or an Indie

    Giving it Large
  • I'd suggest looking for something second hand before settling for a new, cheaper model.