Newbie Question - Focus Variado?

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Hi all

Afraid I'm new, so I'm going to ask them same old question you always get - what are peoples opinion on the Focus Variado.

I've heard really good things about the Focus Cayo but not much about the cheaper Focus Variado.

Or if anyone else has any ideas for someone looking to buy their first road bike - primarily for commuting, but also for some training and long distance - I would love to hear from you. My budget is £750

Thanks for listening



  • hothead
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    I bought the expert last month and its a brilliant bike for the price.

    The one you look at has good kit on for the price, Sizing was spot on and all I have ever heard is good things about all Focus bikes!
  • neilco
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    Bought one a couple of months ago and it's great! That's an unqualified opinion though as it is my first road bike after years of mountain bikes, so maybe I would have enjoyed anything just as much...

    I use mine for commuting two-three times per week, 29km each way. It's fast, comfortable and - so far - reliable. Cheaper than other bikes with 'better' brand names.

    Do it...
  • pmg001
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    I'd second that.

    Got mine last week and I think it's great, although its my first road bike so I don't have anything to compare it to.

    Very happy with it though-more comfortable than I thought it would be!

    Oh and I'm just sshy of 6 foot and got a 56 and it fits great.

    Go for it!
  • sawarze
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    I bought the Focus Variado in May 2008 after doing the 62 mile Northern Rock Cyclone on a MTB with slicks on and got the bug for sportive riding, I looked at a number of options at a similar price band and plumped for the Variado - I have been delighted with it as my first road bike. As with all bike purchases it is a very personal thing but the support from Wiggle was excellent and sizing etc was fine. It rides quite firmly and I have swapped saddle to a Brooks and playing around with stem rise for longer rides when comfort rather then speed are desirable. It looks more expensive than its price and 105 group is very slick. I don't think you will be disappointed either with the bike or the service from Wiggle.
  • JC.152
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    Theres 2 more pages about it here, its a good bike
  • Thanks All

    I've ordered the Focus Variado - so I'll let you know how I get on! I'm looking forward to some cracking rides now!