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Any chance of more women's track events at future Olympics?

EurostarEurostar Posts: 1,806
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VP says there's a rumour there may be a team sprint in 2012. What's this based on? Is there some sort of consultation process going on? How far do these things get decided in advance? Aren't the 2012 events already nailed down? I'd like to see women's versions of all the men's track events. Shanaze could win the sprint, team sprint and keirin as well as the BMX, and Romero could be persuaded to stick with cycling and have a crack at the team pursuit and the points race.
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  • NervexProfNervexProf Posts: 4,202
    Shanaze. when interviewed the other day said she would be back in 2012 to ride for a medal in the BMX AND on the track!

    There must be something in the rumour methinks?
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