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Single Speed or Road

Travis_MTravis_M Posts: 62
edited August 2008 in Health, fitness & training
As an MTB'er I normally have a problem with my heart.. ie, it beats to fast and I feel like dying, recently though, I was out training on the road with some friends (on my MTB) and found that my heart was fine, and it was just the muscle(s) in my legs that were giving out on me.
So I was told the best thing to do, is higher mileage with fast spinning, so would it be better to get a single speed (ie Trek1) or a normal road bike.
Apart from a little amount of road work, and nipping through the city, I only go MTB

Cheers in Advance


  • JasonRwmbJasonRwmb Posts: 268
    If you want to do a bit of road biking I would go for a normal geared road bike. On a single speed you would find your legs spinning like mad on the downhills, and then have a much lower cadence up hills. Having gears would mean you can keep your cadence high the whole time. I guess if you live somewhere fairly flat then a SS would do.

    Road riding does seem to give a more constant steady effort, where as off road the intensity varies more.
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