Are Halfords aluminium frames far worse than the big brands?

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Hello. I doubt I'm alone in doing this, but I bought a Halfords Carrerra many moons ago, and slowly as parts wore out, or I had spare cash I upgraded the components. So I now have (don't cringe) a Carrera Gryphon with full Shimano 105 groupset, wheels etc.
A friend has recomended I now change the frame. If I bought a Felt, Trek, Giant, Bianchi, etc aluminium frame, what (if anything,) do I get for the money?


  • redddraggon
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    Nout wrong with the frames - slightly heavy, but not a lot heavier than other aluminium frames.

    The only problem is the name on the frame I guess.
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  • giant_man
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    The frames are 'adequate' but as redddraggon says it's the name on the frame that's usually the problem. Sold elsewhere they would be a great bargain without the usual hassle people get purchasing from that particular shop.
  • manick0de
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    I think they're all made in Taiwan or China etc. Some different brands are even made in the same factory so you often end up paying a premium just for a brand name.
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    Made by Merida aren't they? (Specialized frames as well I believe? And probably others...)
  • alfablue
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    I believe Carrera frames are currently made by Strongman in Taiwan, and they are also used by Edinburgh Cycle Co-op Revolution brand. They are sound and of good quality though not particularly light.