Do I need to replace my tyres

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I've only had my road bike (Specialized Allez Sport) for about 6 weeks and have had limited time to get out on it, but have probably done about 200-300 miles on it. I'm doing the Test Valley Road Challenge 111km (70 mile) route on sunday, so I went out yesterday and did 47 miles in preparation. About 20 miles into the ride I hit a big piece of flint which didn't punture my front tyre but cut the surface about 6-7mm long and about 2mm deep. It looks like a split in the tyre. I just have the standard 23mm tyres which came with the bike (don't know exactly what they are but they say Specialized Pro on the side and are slick - no tread).

My question is, do I need to repair/replace the tyre or will it be OK for the 70 mile ride on sunday?
Is repairing a viable option or will it be a waste of time?
If I need to replace, will replacing the front only be OK, or should I replace both?
And what tyre(s) should I go for that I can get by the end of the week?

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  • Had the same situation happen to me on the same tyres (rear though) no air escaping sound so I carried on. Got home thought nothing of it, cleaning and checking the bike the next day revealed this 2mm deep & 6mm long gash. I replaced the tyre immediately. I have read on here (since) a few times that folk have used superglue and the like to "repair" gashes in their tyres. I would perhaps ride a superglued tyre to my LBS so that I could buy a replacement.

    I replaced that tyre with a Schwalbe Stelvio Plus and still have the original Spesh Mondo Pro on the front.

    The Schwabalob tyres are very easy to fit onto Mavic open pros too.
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    Personally I'd replace it.

    It's probably a Specialized Mondo or Mondo Pro. Label on the sidewall should tell you for definite. If the doesn't state it has Armadillo or Flak jacket protection I'd replace both anyway. My Allez came with 60tpi Mondos and these were okay (having nothing else to compare them to at the time) on dry clean roads in summer, but once the flints and general road grot started accumulating in Autumn it was punctures galore. The 120tpi Mondo Pros with Flak Jacket were an improvement and saw me through my first winter but therre are better tyres out there.

    I like Vredestein Fortezza Tricomps. I've tried Continental GP4000, GP4000S, Vittoria Rubino Pros and rate them all higher than the Specializeds.
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    change it mate. You are increasing the risk of something really bad happening if you do go out on it again.
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    Cheers for the replies - I will change the tyre or maybe both depending on cost. The last thing I want to happen is to have the tyre give up on me completely in the middle of the ride on sunday.

    So, I have a lot of choice of tyres from your suggestions! I'm currently having a look at the tyres you've suggested, but all I can really do is go on looks and price! When people chose tyres, what do they base their choice on? I don't want to go overboard with cost, but if I'm changing 1 or both I might as well get a set that are better than the current ones! Any other tips on what I should be looking for?
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    I put Vittoria Rubino Pros on my Allez Sport.

    They have a protective kevlar in the carcass.

    I based it on price, protection and looks!

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    Fully agree on the Rubino Pros - for 14.99 they're hard to beat.
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    Personally I'd replace the tyre, but fit the new one to the rear.

    Unless you don't like the tyres, I would replace like for like too.
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