500ml Gatorade bottles, pricier.....but worth it ?

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Bought 4 x 500ml bottles of Gatorade in Tescos the other day. Tastewise , they aint too nice, Im guessing thats down to the lack of additives , one good thing is that they didnt fill me full of wind like the bottled lucozade does.......phhhhhhhhhhhhhrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrp

So I did a 40 miler into yet another damned oncoming breeze and came back in 18 mph average for the trip. My legs felt just fine afterwards. Does anybody else find Gatorade to be more effective at providing you with what you need for a ride or is it no better than Tescos finest ?

I wish the bl00dy weather would change to be honest, im so sick of continually riding in gusty conditions.



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    You want the orange one that you mix up yourself - it's much more tasty than the funny ones they sell in bottles. I buy it in bulk and it is much cheaper too.
    I'm left handed, if that matters.
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    I'm a fan of isostar powder.


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    it is all same old same old.
    make your own with glucose n salt.
    No matter what the label, it is just sugar (in a certain form) and table salt.

    You just have to get the ratio right. BBC have a page on how to make your own if you search their site.
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    but does it actually have any benefits over the cheap(er) stuff ?

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    I doubt it.