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Hi Everyone,

I had decided to buy a road bike after my old one was stollen a couple months ago :evil: and was looking for some advice really.

I have seen the Bianchi C2C Via Nirone 7 Alu Carbon Ultegra/105 (2008) on the Evans website and just wanted to check this wasn't bad because its now on sale (evidently because of the 08 season ending). ... e-ec000022

What do you guys think? Also with all the 2009 bikes just about to appear should I just wait and see what they are like? I have heard they are going up 15-20 %

Cheers guys


  • Jez mon
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    Generally the new bikes won't offer too much in the way of improvements. Although there are some new groupsets, these are mainly at the top end of the market. I would get a 2008 bike at the mo as you will get far more bang for your buck with the sales on at the moment and with the fact that prices are shooting up.

    Bianchi bikes are fine, it's a nice Italian bike (not really made in italy but that shouldn't bother you) and at that price i'd say it was good value
    You live and learn. At any rate, you live