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convert to 1speed - ridgeback

gustiegustie Posts: 118
edited August 2008 in MTB workshop & tech
ive got a second bike - a bog standard ridgeback with pap running gear

so i want to strip the gears and go singlespeed for a knock about bike round the local woods and bomb holes

ive just tonight looked into it and there seems to be quite a few cassette adapter type ones..

some say fussy on chain line etc

anyone done a home convertion?

wondered which way is best - cassette conversion OR get a BMX style hub instead?


  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 50,675 Lives Here
    BMX hub is narrower and will need lots of spacers on the axle. home made needs spacers fron 2 cassettes, or cut placyic tubes and a new cog. cassette ones are not the best.

    a kit is cheap. Read the post in the FAQ's.
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  • gustiegustie Posts: 118
    ok thanks for your replys on both questions
  • I would recommend a spacer kit with a number of rings; the Wheels Manufacturing set allows you to adjust the position of the rear cog very accurately, for a straight chain line.

    A Shimano DX rear sprocket (cog only) is a budget cog, ideal to experiment with different sizes until you get the ratio right, before going for a more expensive Surly part.

    For chain tension, I found the Singleator to work well, as you can adjust the line of the jockey wheel to the chain line.
  • gustiegustie Posts: 118
    hi william

    i was looking at those surlys, look good

    this DX cog... is it a cog to fit on cassette?

  • Yes, the DX cog will fit onto a shimano cassette freewheel. It slides on, sandwiched between the spacer kit. I bought the cog online from Rutland cycles. It's here:

    Don't forget you'll need a lockring to keep it all in place, but you may already have one holding your cassette on.
  • gustiegustie Posts: 118

    just realised today the chainset is rubbishy and the chain rings cant be unbolted :(

    looks like a new crank needed too to go single speed :roll:
  • kegskegs Posts: 204
    Charlie the bikemonger is a pretty good place for bits and advice. On One also do quite a range of bits for singlespeeding a bike.

    Theres also the hope pro2 SS hub, but that is kind of pricy for dabbling, so a cassette conversion is probably the best way to try it out, initially. At least then you can go back to gears if you don't like it.
  • gustiegustie Posts: 118
    ta mate
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