Help a novice with a pedal question.

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My friend recently gave me some of his old cycling shoes. I've always just used toe clips but want to become more efficient, and of course benefit from his generosity.

I don't know anything about pedals though. So please have a look at the photo (link below), and let me know your views on what I need. The shoes didn't come with any cleats or anything, so what you see is all I've got to go on.

Much appreciated.



  • welcome to the forum. good on you for wantin to improve yourself. when you buy your pedals they will come with cleats for the bottoms of your shoes. however not all cleats fit all shoes so take them to your lbs(local bike shop) and get some advice , price float fit etc.... enjoy above all.
  • dennisn
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    Any 3 bolt pedal system should fit(Shimano, Campy, Look, not sure about Time). Also
    the older style Shimano SPD 2 bolt will work. Not sure about the bolt pattern for
    Speedplay pedals(never used them).

    Dennis Noward
  • whyamihere
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    You can use anything you want with those shoes. The 3 fixed holes will take a road cleat, and the 2 side by side holes will take MTB cleats. As for the difference between them, MTB pedals are easier to use for novices, as they're double/quad sided, whereas road pedals are single sided. The road pedals will feel more secure though, and can be more comfortable on long rides (and look better ;)). The choice is yours.