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Nuts - Bennati also didn't start Eneco today

iainf72iainf72 Posts: 15,784
edited August 2008 in Pro race
There goes my prediction
Fckin' Quintana … that creep can roll, man.


  • LangerDanLangerDan Posts: 6,132
    The wind split the field today and only 40 riders finished. Everyone else packed and went home (must have received their appearance money in the post this morning)
    'This week I 'ave been mostly been climbing like Basso - Shirley Basso.'
  • iainf72iainf72 Posts: 15,784
    Pfffft - Cynic

    They've all gone to prepare for the Tour of Poland. That's on Eurosport 2 next moth! Brilliant. I hope they go up that hill 7 or 8 times this year.
    Fckin' Quintana … that creep can roll, man.
  • afx237viafx237vi Posts: 12,630
    WTFFFFFF ... s/eneco085

    Taking a wild guess here, but I'm thinking I don't need to update the PTP standings today.
  • afx237viafx237vi Posts: 12,630
    Cyclingnews now has all the DNFs reinstated. Bet the riders are gutted :lol:
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