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Just cycled 55miles

teulkteulk Posts: 557
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I did a charity ride yesterday, total of 55miles and i did it in 3hrs50. Ok im sure there are a lot of you out there who could probably knock an hour off that but im really pleased with my time. i was averageing 15mph upto the 40mile mark and then i really started to struggle a bit. Ive only been cycle for around 5months and in that time ive cycle around 870 miles - so i wouldnt say ive done a lot of cycling but im happy with the time anyway - something to improve on for next time :D The route was quite hilly over about the first 30mile over which i struggled alot i have to say but the straights were great. Like i said i know alot of you could go the distance alot quicker but do you think its a reasonable time ?

Oh my bike was a Carrera Crossfire.
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  • mercurykevmercurykev Posts: 264
    Well done. You'll find that most non-cyclists you meet will think that cycling 55 miles is a crazy distance.
  • Dan777Dan777 Posts: 49
    well done mate, as above poster said a lot of non-cyclists think that kind of distance is crazy. tell em its the equivalent of 2 marathons and look at the awe in their faces!
    And you have a target time for the next time you cover the distance.
  • billybikerbillybiker Posts: 272
    Thats great. Most inexperienced riders start off too fast. I usually take a group out on a Sunday and although its hard to tell people what to do there's always the odd rider (particularly the youths) that start off too quickly, race up the hills, sprint for signs etc then die after 30 miles. The trick is to eat and drink regularly and take it steady at first. You can always speed up towards the end.
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