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NORFOLK MTBikers and routes???

pedal-ponypedal-pony Posts: 33
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Hello MTBikers!

Anyone from the Norfolk area (flatlands - I know)....

Know of any good MTB routes / cycle ways / tracks?

I know Thetford Forest and High Lodge are very good - but I was wondering if there are anymore that you might know?

are there any FEMALES out there pushing the pedals of the mountain bike madness?



  • BriggoBriggo Posts: 3,537
    I'm from Norfolk, my missus bikes with me too.

    Cycle routes... well I've been trying to find some decent ones for a while. Thetford is ok.

    I've gone through the OS40, seems some nice areas around the broads/marshes? Will have to try them out soon.

    Apparently some good routes around the Kelling Heath area too, ordered a booklet with the 32 routes in it so we shall see.
  • I live in Norfolk. Sadly we're not blessed with off road routes. I mostly ride at Thetford, although I have done a few other off road routes in Norfolk, none particularly great but they make a nice change from time to time. There was a couple of routes in a magazine a few years back, one around the Swaffham area and one around the Wells area. I also know a route around the south and west side of Norwich (starting at Ringland Hills), which I ride from time to time. A few of the guys I ride with sometimes do a coastal ride, which I've done once and really enjoyed, but I can't for the life of me remember where it was! Also, there's a few trails, with some nice singletrack at Bacton woods.

    As for female riders, I ride with a good group of people who all post on the forum which is linked to in my signature. There's a couple of regular female riders, my girlfriend and another (who actually runs the forum). You're more than welcome to join us, on the forum or on any rides, if you fancy it. We're a friendly, funny (well we think so! :wink: ) bunch.
    East Anglia Biking Collective!
  • Matt-BMatt-B Posts: 112
    I went to Thetford on Sunday. Muddy as hell! And I bust my phone!

    But really good fun, the trails seem to have had a lot done to them since I last rode them (about 4 years ago, probably more) - TIMBER seem to have done a good job!

    I also heard about some trails in Tunstall Forest in Suffolk? Might be worth a look if you can drive?
  • Matt-B wrote:
    I went to Thetford on Sunday... the trails seem to have had a lot done to them since I last rode them (about 4 years ago, probably more) - TIMBER seem to have done a good job!

    There has been no Timber or FC sanctioned work done on the black at all and the only work that has been done on the red is the 'Tightrope' section, which was built by Timber, and another section that has never officially been opened to the public, as far as I'm aware.
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  • Have any of you tried the Peddars Way? Any idea what it's like after all the rain we've been having? I haven't ridden it myself but I've heard of other peole riding it - I guess you start from near Thetford and ride towards the sea?
  • I've done bits of it. Just on the little bits that I've done, it changes along it's route from tarmac to overgrown rutty paths, so I guess some of it must suffer from the bad weather, worse than other sections. I've heard rumours of people riding it quite a few years ago and doing it from start ti finsih over two days, I think it's actually close to 100 miles long! Don't actually know of anyone that's ridden much of it recently though but I guess it must be do-able.
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  • Just found this, doesn't actually look like you can legally ride it start to finish but this mpa shows the entire route.
    East Anglia Biking Collective!
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