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Well I got my new bike on friday!

I went for a cycle on Sat and Sun- about 80km and 100km.

And now my knees are killing me!! especially my left.

It was hurting during the ride today but I thought it might go away-it didn't!

Guess I just did too much to soon??

I reckon I've strained a tendon.

Ice and rest the best solution??


  • If it's a pain then ice is the best solution.

    If it is more of a stretching sensation than pain, then you should use a hot water bottle to get the blood flowing and the muscles warm.
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    Does the pain come from the front or back of your knees? It could perhaps be your saddle height - it's important to make sure it's neither too low (which means your knees will be bent too far and you'll have to push significantly harder) nor too high (which can lead to overstretching of tendons at the back of the knee joint).

    You should be aiming for a saddle height where your knee joint is slightly flexed at the lowest point of the pedalling cycle, and where you're not needing to rock from side to side at all. It might be a good idea to have a fiddle around, moving the saddle about a centimeter at a time to see what's most comfortable for you

    Hope this helps a little!
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    Which bike did you go for as im in same position. I would be grateful for any advice. Good luck with knee's !
  • 'Which bike' isn't the issue. 180k in 2 days without having trained properly is way, way, way too much.

    Remember 'RICE':

    Rest (seriously - lay off, then start agin gently).
    Ice (frozen peas are good)
    Compression (try and bandage firmly)
    Elevation (try and lay down with your legs up)

    When you've recovered properly - say in a couple of weeks at least - get yourself a beginner's programme. The Lance Armstrong training book isn't too bad if you're just starting out:

    http://www.amazon.co.uk/Lance-Armstrong ... 244&sr=8-1

    You might also want to get a decent bike shop to check your fit/ saddle posn.
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    Pain is weakness leaving the body
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    Marbler wrote:
    Pain is weakness leaving the body
    :roll: :roll:
    That might be cool on a t shirt, but this is the real world. Lets not forget that pain can be a warning!
    To the OP: You've overdone it, no question. I imagine that by this time you are more comfortable. If not it might be time to seek medical advice. Otherwise take it easy for a few days and then start again with some shorter rides and build up gradually. If you have a specific goal then getting some training guidance would probably be a good idea. Getting your bike set up right is important, but IMO whatever guidelines you start with will probably need to be adjusted in the light of experience. The word gradual comes to mind again...

    See http://www.bikeradar.com/fitness/articl ... ance-17010

    Congratulations, BTW, on your apparently limiltless energy :lol:
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    maybe you over did it maybe the bike or your shoes are badly set up. If the bike and shoes (assuming you are riding with 'clipless' pedals) are new and you are a newb then it is likely that you have not got the experience to setup the bike and shoes to your body.

    Knee pain can be caused by too many miles but also seat too low or too far back, shoes toed in too much etc.

    Ice the injury, then check your fit before going for a ride, take a multitool and make small adjustments to your position and setup.
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    Thanks for all the replies guys!

    Must say this is a very friendly and helpful forum!