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ThatGuyOnABikeThatGuyOnABike Posts: 198
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i currently have a cluad butler rock 2005 or perhaps under model, this is not at all a road bike though i've managed to do a light tour with it (changed tyres, fitted rack [don't ask how] and more changed).
i can't afford to spend much as you can probs tell by my approach to touring but after some consideration and looking over stuff, i reckon i get £200-£300 from somewhere (60+ for my old bike)
i like front suspension but i want to be more upright in my seating position and i've tried a friends bike with 28inch wheels (as opposed to 26 on mine) and did feel quite a difference when going further but i don't think a front sus bike exists with bigger wheels then 26inches.
basically i would like the freedom to go on rougher tracks (and maybe if possible put mtb tyres and go lightly off road) and go for long comfortably on the road as well. but i do think i'm asking too much, but please, any recommendations?
any at all...

thanks in advance
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  • daz51daz51 Posts: 159
    Take a look at Edinborough Bicycle Corporation, You get what you pay for with their own bikes but all the bike reviews i have seen always give their bikes a good review.

    I know they do a nice tourer for £399
  • 100%100% Posts: 236

    I colleague of mine at work recently bought a scott speedster to cycle to work on. I think he got the P2 version, but the P5 and P4 models both fit within your budget.

    He seems pretty happy with his and they have fitments for paniers although I think getting the front mudguard on was tricky.

    They have 700C wheels, same as a road bike, and front suspension.

  • You can get MTBs with 29 inch wheels, called 29ers, wich may be what you're after. You can get them with front suspension, and there are quite a few manufacturers. Just google 29er to see what's about.
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