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Bruge to Ceva, Italy

Clum84Clum84 Posts: 196
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Hi, i've newley found this forum and have been reading past posts with great interest as i'm about to leave on my first real long distance ride from Bruge down to Ceva, which is between Turin and Genoa in Italy. Doing the trip on the tightest of budgets which means taking a cheapish road bike and camping most nights with a a few nights of hostels thrown in if and when i come across them. I'm pretty much sorted equipment wise ect but where im still a bit open ended is with my exact route. I've got a basic route here ( ... 28.125&z=5 ) from google maps which is for walking so should be reasonably suitable for cycling although at this point im only using it as a rough guideline.
Does Anybody have any experience with cycling through these areas and can perhaps advise on good towns to ride through which may offer campsites/hostels and equally and towns/areas which should be avoided for whatever reason? I'm open to a bit of stealth camping as well so any advice on doing this with the bike would be appreciated as well.
Finally the main obvious obstacle on my route is the alps!!! Having never visited them before, is it to cross them on roads that dont involve massive climbs? Once i get to Ceva i'll be staying there for a few months so there will be plenty of time for playing in the mountains later so i'd rather not be trying to dominate Alpe D'Huez while my bikes loaded with tent/ bags ect!

Oh one last thing...i'll obviously have to get some decent maps for the areas i'll be riding through. Is it best/cheapest to get these in the uk or wait until i get to specific coutries?

Thanks to anyone who wants to share thier experience :D
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