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Greenock, Gourock, Inverclyde??

donnie murdodonnie murdo Posts: 986
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Anyone ride round these here parts?

I am surprised there is not more of us round here when we have a playground like this as our back garden. ... 0/sizes/l/

And views like this from the top of your road: ... 9/sizes/l/


  • woodywmbwoodywmb Posts: 664
    The Greenock Cut. Loch Thom. Try Gogo Glen above Largs - straight up and down.
  • BoardinBobBoardinBob Posts: 697
    I work in Greenock and I'm heading up to the Cut tonight after work to check it out. I've taken my dog up there before but I haven't been up on the bike before so I'm interested in seeing what's up there.

    Not expecting top class singletrack but it's convenient for a post work ride.
  • BoardinBobBoardinBob Posts: 697
    Well, that was interesting.

    Couldn't see more than a few feet as the cloud level was so low!.

    Parked at Cornalees Visitor centre and rode over the hill to Overton. Rough track but nothing challenging. Joined the cut at Overton and headed back to Cornalees. The cut itself is flat all the way and a wide, smooth surfaced path. Pretty boring but as the weather was so grim there was not another soul to be seen so I was able to blast along at full speed.
  • Hi Bob,

    Shame about the cloud cover as you can get some spectacular views over the Firth of Clyde from up there on a good day. I too have ridden the same route but I cycle up to Overton from my house in Greenock West then follow the loop of the cut around to Cornalees then up past Loch Thom but rather than going straight back down the hill to Overton I turn left. This takes you on the tarmac road for a short distance and then I head back over the tracks and then open field and on up to the top of Dunrod Hill which is the highest point in Inverclyde. From there you get great veiws over to Cowal, Bute and the Isle of Arran. I have also found some nice tracks on the other side of the Old Largs Road (which incedentally is a great road for road bike riding I tend to do it most weekends down to Largs) near the Gryfe Resevoir. I am pretty sure though that there must be plenty more around the Clyde Muirshiel regional park as there are loads of off shoot tracks all over the place and its a big expanse of emptyness.

    I do tend to go over to Dunoon on the ferry to cycle in the Argyll Forest which has some top quality single track and not a soul around.
  • woodywmbwoodywmb Posts: 664
    Clyde Muirshiel Park has paths not shown on OS map. Google "Duchal Moor railway". You follow the old trackbeds to a disused mine then another path leading to Dippany or Hardridge farms east of Kilmacolm/Quarriers Village. Open moorland with rickety bridges over countless burns. Set off from the Visitor Centre.
  • BoardinBobBoardinBob Posts: 697
    Woodywmb wrote:
    Clyde Muirshiel Park has paths not shown on OS map. Google "Duchal Moor railway". You follow the old trackbeds to a disused mine then another path leading to Dippany or Hardridge farms east of Kilmacolm/Quarriers Village. Open moorland with rickety bridges over countless burns. Set off from the Visitor Centre.

    I've been down to the old mine before. There was a semblance of the beginnings of a trail that led up behing the mine running along the top of a ridge. I had a scramble up but it appeared to disappear after a few feet so I didn't explore any further. Also been down the other track that stays to the east side of the burn. Followed that all the way then ended up on a horrible road ride back to the visitor centre :cry:
  • wheewhee Posts: 2
    I MTB all over this area and have a web site showing the routes I have come across and a blog linking to video and photos, (its a hobby thing)

    I've been visiting Dunoon off and on exploring routes with a view to publishing them on my web site any info would be appreciated. Also if anyone is going over there anytime mid week to visit routes I'd be delighted to tag along (if weather is nice - wife permission etc).

    email wheehamx at
  • Hi whee

    I know you have a web site - I use it all the time. Was up at Gogo Glen, Largs, last week courtesy of your advice. Well done, it's much appreciated. Some difficult cycling though among your collection. You must be a determined MTBer!
  • wheewhee Posts: 2
    Hi Woody

    Nice to know someone benefits from the site.
    As for determination I like to think that the greater to effort the greater the satisfaction or simpler the more you do, the more you gain. Sometimes though 75% through a hard one I just wish it would end.
    One such was the Ardgour Loop from Fort William by the time I'd got round to Kinlochleven I was just tired and sore but still had 20km of very rough track on the WHW to do so what else is there but to get on with it telling myself its only pain and it'll end soon.
    Big outings make you appreciate simple things like sitting eating an evening meal with a can of beer, or a nice soft seat with a good book.

    Yep big outings make life seem

    Always looking for new routes let me know if you find anything nice ones even little hidden links are good to know about.

    Good cycling
  • I also live in greenock had to make a new name as ive been on the forum before but lost the last email address and forgot my usenamre and password to log in lol.

    Im usually up around the cut and surrounding area quite alot now that im back out on the bike, theres some single tracks up at a big electricity pylon at the top of the hill you cant really miss it if u see it, ive not had a chance to get on the tracks yet so not sure if theyr upto much does anyone know ?

    I havnt explored much but now that the weather has slightly cleared up i think ill be doing some exlporing, Theres a nice little track just off the road before the visitor centre at cornalese also it has some wooden stairs and i think a tiny water crossing aswell aint to bad i found it hard first time round.
  • You should check out if you get a chance.
  • colintravcolintrav Posts: 1,074
    Anyone that lives in Greenock dserves the Medal of Honor or Victoria Cross ..

    Simply for the reputation the place has , Don't get me wrong you can't help not admire the views over the clyde ... ...

    There is a track near me that heads to Greenock though I've not headed that far up it tbh .. .
  • Bred2shredBred2shred Posts: 306
    I also live in the inverclyde area and have just got myself back into riding. I've ridden the cut a couple of times and it's a nice way to break back into trails.

    I used to do a lot of the forestry trails over in cowal when i was a youngster and would like to do so again once my fitness has improved a bit.

    If anyone is up for a wee meet just drop me a line.

    Never argue with an idiot, he'll only drag you down to his level and beat you with experience.
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