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any riding off road in the preston area?

jason31jason31 Posts: 40
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hya im moving to the out-skirts of preston in lancashire is there any decent off-rod single/doubletrack up there? /dh? :evil:


  • Check out the Merlin Cycles website,

    There is plenty of riding round Rivington and Angelzarke.
  • jason31jason31 Posts: 40
    chears fellow madhead- i think i might just get my self a os map and keep my eye in here there is loads of information in these pages :)
  • dave_hilldave_hill Posts: 3,877
    It's pretty devoid of legit trails in the immediate Preston area, but head East towards Longridge and Hurst Green and you find a few more. I'ts not until you get into East Lancashire (Blackburn, Burnley) that things start to liven up a bit.

    Rivington's okay but it gets "samey" after a bit and also most of it is also a public park so you've got to contend with walkers, pensioners, kids, families, horses, dogs and other assorted wildlife.
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  • The Lakes is only an hour away, a few of the people we ride with are from the Preston area.
  • haha its all fine saying the lakes r oly an hour away but i only got pedal power
  • Ah, that would be a slight problem then :D
  • There used to be a lot of riders around Beacon Fell, north of Preston. this was before I was riding myself, but thinking back it was really good XC type riding.
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  • gregsdgregsd Posts: 328
    There's some stuff up around Longridge Fell (aka Kemble), but it's mostly of the 'cheeky' variety!
  • Limited stuff in preston - there is some you can get to Slater Fell - but more of a trail route. There is a guide to MTB in lancashire if you send me your e-mail to jmw_hunter at I will send it you but it is fairly pants

    I do go occasionally to LLadegla and Lakes and would be happy to give you and your bike a lift if you want - I only get out about once amonth though due to wife and kids- based in Chorley. More of a trail rider and hang on at the tricky parts though

    Depends whether you are North of Preston then you have Trough of Bowland South you have Rivvy West you have no HILLS and East you have limited stuff/I have no knowledge.

    Could try joining a club (know nothing of either except they exist) Groovy tribe - Chorley based - or BAD (Blackburn and Darwen - and may be bale to get lifts????not sure if there is a club in Preston though.
  • Jason, I'm in Preston myself (Fulwood) and have tended to go North Wales (LLandegla), Lakes (Grizedale) and some of the hills / forests out to the east such as Gisburn are worth a visit. Rivington Pike also a good crack.

    Just discovered Lee Quarry - well worth a visit in my book

    I'm also trying to find some bits on the doorstep to practice on - if you know Lightfoot Lane (opposite Grasshoppers) then you may want to take a detour through the trees there - some digging been going in that deserves a nod!
  • stumpyjonstumpyjon Posts: 4,069
    but i only got pedal power

    If you can get to a train station at your end you can get to a fair chunk of East Lancs / Calderdale by train, Burnley Manchester Road station will give you access to the top end of Rossendale and a stop further up the line takes you to Todmorden which gives you good access to Calderdale.
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  • JUmp on the train to Darwen (near Blackburn) and take a ride up to Sunnyhurst and then up to Darwen Tower, it's only about 1.5km from Darwen train station. There's plenty of single track up there and if you cross the moors and drop down to Roddlesworth Reserviors there's some nice tracks in the woods too. You'll then be about 14km from Preston if you fancy a ride back on the roads or about 4km to Pleasington train station!
  • passoutpassout Posts: 4,425
    I live just North of Preston - not far from Fulwood really. Been there a year and like the area - the road biking is great, especially the Trough. To be honest for MTBing I just go to the Lakes - Hawkshead, Ambleside, Coniston and Stavely. I love the bridleways around Hawkshead especially. Yorkshire Dales aren't far either. I have heard that Rivington is pretty good but haven't made it there yet.

    If you don't have access to a car you might consider becoming a roadie. It may prove less fustrating! You could try the train but I know many services don't take bikes and/or you have to book it. You could soon be in Winderemere by train though and then easily cycle to Ambleside or Windermere Ferry.
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  • passoutpassout Posts: 4,425 ... sc&start=0

    For those who missed the quarry in bacup thread.
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  • WhalleyWhalley Posts: 35
    I saw a post that says that ur based in chorley. I live in chorley too, I'm pretty new to mountain biking. But I'm allways looking out for people to ride with. Where so you ride? Let me know If Ur interested in going for a ride.
  • WhalleyWhalley Posts: 35
    well near chorley. Haha.
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