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bedwasboybedwasboy Posts: 12
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Hi all,can somebody recommend a good cycling(mtb) traing book?I've look around but most seem to be aimed at road riders.I intend to purchase a HRM soon and would like to have some sort of structure to my riding(family allowing) and get maximum results for my efforts rather than just bimblling around!thanks


  • your already on the right path by investing in a HRM. save your money on the book, for bike spares. there are plenty of training programmes online based upon use of a HRM
  • FSR_XCFSR_XC Posts: 2,258
    What specific info are you wanting?

    Why not set up a spreadsheet?
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  • thanks for your replies,basically I want to use my(limited)time to maximum advantage.At the moment I ride fairly regularly but seem to have plateaued'and just ride local tracks usually on my own,with occassional group rides.I would like a more structured approach which will push me on without burning me out!I have no idea what a spread sheet is!
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