Which heart rate monitor

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I hear that Polar one's are good.



  • bryan71
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    I have a polar they are very good.
  • vanliga
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    Here is some information about Polar heart rate monitors. They are probably the best.
  • gavintc
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    HRM are very useful. I bought a cheap one from Wiggle. It simply gives you average, max and current rate. It is OK and has satisfied my initial needs. I would like to upgrade to one that keeps a record of the rate during a session and you can download. But like all things, once you begin to examine the options, you realise that for a little bit more you get more facilities. I have not yet made my final decision, but am interested in Polar ones.

    In summary, I would suggest that as a newcomer to HRM, that you could achieve and meet your immediate needs with a cheap one that simply tells you what your current rate is.
  • I would recommend Polar. I use a 520i, it doubles as a cycle computer as well ! you can check the web for prices, but if ur goin stateside get a Garmin 705(good exchange rate and all that). Enjoy.
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    I have and can recommend the
    Polar CS300.
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    I prefer the look of the Suunto range, the T3c in particular. Does anyone have any feedback on them? Thanks
  • blorg
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    Garmins are great if you want the additional stuff the GPS/altimeter/route recording brings. They are more flaky and have _much_ poorer battery life than a Polar pure HR monitor will though. I had a Garmin 305 and now a 705 and TBH I'd be lost without the thing, I got very itsy when the 305 broke and stopped recording my rides.