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Im new to road biking and have been looking for a bike, ive stumbled across some good reviews of the Ribble Nero Corsa and they seem to be very good bikes. But I just wanted to here any more reviews, or alternatives in the same price range?

I want something that is reliable and light.

Also although im new to road, Im not a complete novice when it comes to cycling. I have been riding other cycling disiplines for years.



  • Scrumple
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    focus cayo, planet x...

    use the search button for these 3 bikes and you fill find 10's of threads.

    Also search on £1000 bikes. Loads of similar posts.
  • The ribble is a fantastic bike and now they have a similar one to tempt you with, the Ribelle. However there is a £200 jump from the Nero Corsa. They both look fantastic by the way as I've seen them both built up and they are really nice looking bikes.
  • Im 6'3 also, Im thinking of going for the 59cm, but what do you all think?
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    Here's my Nero Corsa, didn't get it from Ribble though.

    There's nothing wrong with the bike, don't let anyone tell you "it's a comfortable bike" though - comfort is all down to tyres/pressure/handlebars - as I found to my horror when I swapped some flexy wide bars for some narrow stiff bars - painful road buzz........
    I like bikes...