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AyUp lights

manxshredmanxshred Posts: 295
edited August 2008 in MTB buying advice

I'm thinking of getting the AyUp MTB set. I mainly ride training rides at night during the week so I don't really do lots of tight single track or technical stuff.

The one concern I have is that the lights can't be dimmed, and I usually end up on the road a lot riding between green ways and forests. I am worried about blinding cars and casuing problems.

All the reviews are talking about off road use, so anyone have any problems using these on the road?


  • BmjboyBmjboy Posts: 680
    One would imagine that their pointing at the ground enough not to dazzle/blind oncoming traffic (if theyre bright enough to do that?)

    Personally the brighter I am then the less likleyhood of any serious accident, so the more the merrier for me.

    Im looking at lights currently over in the "Spend my £100 on lights" thread, Ay-Ups getting recommended aswell as Hope led system.
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  • and cars always dip their headlights for you? because you wont be much brighter than that, and yours will be pointed down more. come to think of it, cars dont always dip main beam for me!
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