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Hello to everyone.

I have decided to take up cycling as a way of keeping fit and because it looks like something that will be extremely enjoyable. The problem is that i have not really got much of a clue about road bikes and would appreciate the expert guidance of the guys and girls on here.

I have been looking at the Specialized Alles 27 (2009) as a first road bike and wondered what peoples opinions were of this or if i should be looking at something different to start with. I have had a look at the What Road Bike sticky and i am not sure if i might be better off trying the Giant :?

Many thanks



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    You probably wont notice a huge ammount of difference in most bikes despite what some people say, test ride some then you will see.
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    Thanks Stefano.

    I get back to the UK in October so was hoping to have everything in place and decided by then. Although it would probably make more sense to test ride when i get home to be honest.

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    I thought this thread was looking for boyfriend advice!
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    biondino wrote:
    I thought this thread was looking for boyfriend advice!
    And you thought you were the man to give it????

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    Just out of interest Terry - you been inspired by the Olympics at all?

    The Allez is just about the best starter road bike out there. IMHO
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    You may get better value for money picking up a 2008 model in the sales. You won't notice much difference.

    Best bet is to set yourself a price point and stick to it. You won't go far wrong picking from one of the big manufacturers like specialised, trek, giant etc.

    Some people may advice you to buy a bike with a very good frame so you can upgrade components later. I'd advice if your new to make sure your moey is spread equally over the bike so you're not let down by one component. If you're new you probably aren't going to go out and start replacing things straight away.

    Remember to budget for basic tools, helmet, clothes pedals and spares, they can mount up.

    Moving parts are critical so don't try and save money there.

    The bike in your post looks good, but check the sales...

    You should look at the various levels of shimano drivetrain compnents so you know whats what. Im a mtber and can never remember the order but

    Sora<Tiagra<105 < dura ace/ultegra.

    If your unsure go to a bike shop as you;ll want to try things out and ask for advice.
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    Just out of interest Terry - you been inspired by the Olympics at all?

    The Allez is just about the best starter road bike out there. IMHO

    Now that you mention it :lol:

    To be honest i only got to see bits and pieces of it. I am getting to the age where i appear to be getting injury prone when i am running and after seeing the road cycling during the olympics thought it would be good to give it a try when i got home. Only problem is i dont know anything about it :oops:
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    Most important is to get something that fits well and is comfortable. This isn't easy if you are not cycling already and don't know what to look for, so go to as many bike shops as possible, test ride as many bikes as you can, and try to find a shop where you get the impression they know what they are doing and are taking pains to fit you to the bike.
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    Yes, it must fit.

    I thought I was going to get a Trek, but the Spez Allez fits spot on and I think it's a great bike.

    Find a good local shop, I ws all for getting a Giant at the start, but the guy in the shop was a t*sser.

    So I went to the other LBS and bought from him

    Giving it Large
  • TerryY
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    Many thanks for the help.