How does this route rate in the grand scale of things?

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Does anybody have an opinion on this route I've mapped out to have a go at this weekend? I was just curious as to what type of difficulty (as they do in the mag ie Easy, Medium, Hard, Expert) it would get? Hopefully the link will work but if not, it's 59 miles with 4160ft of climbing including Snake Pass from Glossop to Ladybower and then the long climbs out of Calver through Stoney Middleton and then out of Peak Forest toward Sparrow Pit (Peak District).


  • touchy
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    I dont know what it would be classed as by magazine standards, but by my own standards i would say its in the lower end of 'hard'.
    The climbs look steep and sharp, but spread out nicely with downhills and flats between them.
    I would be aiming to do it in somewhere between 4:15:00 and 4:30:00
  • stagger
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    No really steep climbs- just long grinds, plenty of them though, so hard enough!..

    compared with say glossop -snake- strines- holme moss- devils elbow-glossop, which is a better route, particularly if you have not done strines before, but most definitely hard....

    traffic not great on snake unless you're fairly early, and again can be busy up through stoney and across tideswell moor .