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fork for track frame that can take front brake

fixiebobfixiebob Posts: 222
edited August 2008 in Road general
I bought a set of wheels of grass track bike for my fixie frame but had to put road forks on to fit brake only problem is wheel wont fit.
Is there fork that can take my wheel with hole for brake?


  • Could you clarify in which plane the wheel doesn't fit the forks. It could be that you're trying to fit a 27in wheel/tyre combo into a 700c fork, which could cause issues if the fork is designed for close clearance.
    Though you could also consider simply drilling the origianl fork so that you can fit a brake.
  • fixiebobfixiebob Posts: 222
    Thanks its as if the axle is too long and i bought the frame off ebay didnt come with fork.
    Many thanks.
  • Pete BeerPete Beer Posts: 604
    Try putting a picture on, I'm not sure what doesn't fit..
  • fixiebobfixiebob Posts: 222
    Thanks Pete went to take photo as you asked and wheel dropped straight on no idea what i did first time round.
    I have built 6 geared bikes but couldnt put a wheel on my fixie hope i dont get a puncture.
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