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Cycling in the Algarve

SJLcpSJLcp Posts: 239
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Am going next week on hols and thought I would take my bike - have looked on google maps but difficult to see what the terrains like around Albefeira - does anyone have any experience of this region and any day ride suggestions please?



  • sicrowsicrow Posts: 791
    if you are in a car - if not the train then get to portimao 45km along the coast, from there you can take routes up to Monchique, the highest mountain on the algarve and a fabulous ride - approx 25 km up to 3000 feet or there are routes up and around Silves from there its great cycling country - sorry don't know too much about the area around Albuferia and Quateria etc
  • Watty1Watty1 Posts: 4
    if its mountain biking you are doing try contacting the people at :-
    they can take people on day rides, apparently with one down from the mountain near Minchique. I was going to join them for a day but it didn't work out.
  • I'm not sure about Albufeira. I cycle a lot in and around Tavira. As long as you stay close to the coast (ie the N125) the terrain is very easy. Be carefull on the N125 it is said to be the most dangerous road in Europe. Having said that a lot of local clubs use it every weekend.
    As soon as you get away from the coast ie North of the Motorway (A22/IP1) the terrain is very hilly, but also extreemly beautiful. You don't have to cycle far to get back into the real Portugal !
  • priorypriory Posts: 743
    get a 1/100,000 map from a supermarket or (better)tourist info hut.c£6
    Apart from the big roads and mways near the coast all the roads are fine . The little back roads are gravel tracks. Very difficult to navigate on them., But if you like mtb you'll like them.
    The hills all around Monchique are great fun, but I advise you not to hurtle down them, since if you leave the road at speed you could have a bit of a problem. ... marmaliser

    If you go to google maps, look at your area and search for bikely you will be offered a few rioutes. I do not understand why you get some routes and not all.On bikely finding routes is a bit hard .
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