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Just come home with some Lidl gear (I'm not fussed about badges!).

Their lycra trousers have a coolmax chamois in. It looks a little thin compared to my DHB bibs...

Would I create problems wearing the trousers over bibs (double pads)? Or should I consider something else (maybe bulk up the pads with padded underwear)?
I prefer the idea of Ron Hill bikesters (w/o pad) over bibs, but at £6.99 for the Lidl trousers I am willing to reconsider!

Maybe the Lidl pads are ok on their own? I'm getting my bike tomorrow, so I really have no experience to base my thinking on. Anyone more experienced to help?



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    I'm not a guy so can't say we'd have the same problems, but I always wear my shorts with a padded bum and then another pair over the top, haven't had any problems so far. My partner has bought Lidl bike gear in the past and has had no problems with it.
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    I have the Aldi tights from last winter (basically the same) and the pad was crap. However, you'll probably find that the pad stitching doesn't interfere with the acual seams at all, in which case you can do what I did - Cut it out.
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    You were lucky to get anything at all from the current bike gear deals in Lidl's!!!

    I was working today and nipped round to the store on my way home to try and grab one of the trip computer/heart rate monitor thingies.

    Not a thing left out of all the bike stuff they had in stock!! :shock:

    Guy in the store said the stuff was all gone by about 10:00am this morning.

    Ah well, early bird an' all that..... :wink:
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    2 tops, tool kit, pump, jacket, 2 trousers.
    And plenty of change.

    Loads left too....
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    got the computer/heart rate on
    jacket/gloves and trousers...job done
  • I managed to get a pair of tights, jacket and jersey, but they had sold out of the heart rate monitor speedos, which was what I was really after. That was at about lunchtime.
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    gave the computer a run this morning and all looks spot on for the money..interesting with the altimeter facility