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French say Brits may be doping!


  • Tim FarrTim Farr Posts: 665
    Their riders probably have the same natural talent as Team GB - surely it's just that the training is so much better. There must also be the 'bad loser' aspect.

    How many countries have a proper scheme for identifying talent as well as training. How many others have a system set up to find 'Rebecca Romeros'?

    The US team in particular seems to be eccentrically organised. According to an interview in with Mike Friedman the selection process for the distance track events, presumably points race and madison, was the fastest over either 1 kilometre or over 500 metres. He mocks this. However he did make the madison team - result? lost 2 or 3 laps.

    Another article seems to be saying that the mechanics are volunteers.

    So I get the impression that the US team was poorly organised.

    What sort of training set up have the French and Dutch. What's happened to the Aussies?

    One thing for sure some of these countries will reorganise and be better prepared for London.
    T Farr
  • cougiecougie Posts: 22,512
    Its only to be expected I guess - but look at the setup team gb have. Thats where the results are coming from.

    Now look back at the drugs cheats - Festina, Pantani, Ricco, Chicken etc. Did they have any systems to fuel their performances (excluding Festina trying to cover their druggy tracks by claiming they basically had magicTitanium pants)
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