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Just been in the garage for about one and a half hours trying to get a continental turbo tyre onto my rim to no avail. I've never installed a folding tyre before and I can't say from tonight's experience that I really like them, are they normally more of a s**t to fit than non folding tyres??

Has anyone had troble fitting these tyres before or has anyone got any ideas that can help?? :cry:


  • Lagavulin
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    I actually found both the Conti Home Trainer tyre and the Tacx turbo tyre were rather easy to fit. Certainly far easier the trying to mount anything on a Racing 7.
    However, I would say the rear wheel I use on the turbo is the Alex AT400 that came with my Allez and probably the easiest rim I've tried to mount tyres onto. Specialized Mondos virtually fell onto it.

    What make/model or rim are you trying to fit the tyre onto? A low-end Fulcrum or Campag rim I can see problems with.

    Both the Conti and Tacx were different to mount that a conventional road tyre but not overly so.

    I can't compare the experience to mounting a non-folding tyre. Don't think I've ever used them other than removing them from an MTB.
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    A new conti turbo tyre on the wrong rim is an exercise in frustration. The good news is that once you do finally beat it into submission (tyre levers are essential) it sort of sets into a tyre-shape and is easier to manage in the future.

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    Just to say had exactly the same problem. (Mounting onto DT Swiss rim)

    Snapped a couple of tyre levers and started experimenting with large screwdrivers instead. Decided that potential savings in terms of tyres were not worth the risk of injury/wrecking rim and gave up. Instead use old winter tyres.
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    I put a conti turbo tyre on last winter and found it extra difficult to get it over the rim. The wheel was a mavic aksium. Took me over half an hour with considerable force required with tyre levers to lever it over the rim. I seem to recall several others on the forum having difficulty with these tyres.

    Brute force required. Good luck :!: