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TA B/B with Miche Track chainsett

Jonathan AllanJonathan Allan Posts: 208
edited August 2008 in Track
I have just fitted a TA Axis light B?B to my newly re-painted track bike , when fitting the Miche Primato track chainsett ,the inside of the left hand crank is rubbing on the alloy cup when I tighten the crank bolt , should I gently file some off the crank or should I get another chainsett that wont rub?


  • andypandyp Posts: 9,157
    Surely it would be cheaper to get a bb with the right axle length?
  • The axle length is the same as the one that came out at 103mm , if you cant say something helpfull , why bother replying to the thread.
  • andypandyp Posts: 9,157
    All right, no need to spit the dummy. You didn't actually state that very pertinent fact in your original posting now did you?

    Is the TA bottom bracket taper JIS or ISO? Was the previous bb the same? If it's different then that would probably explain why you're having this problem, i.e. the crank would sit further up the taper on one.
  • The B/B that came out was an American Classic Titanium axle one , with the new one it's only a very slight catch as the crank moves round to about 8 o'clock ,the rest of the revolution is fine, if I file about 1mm from the back of the crank it should be ok, just wondered if anyone had had similar problems with this crank B/B combination. Sorry about the attitude , bad day at work !! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
  • andypandyp Posts: 9,157
    I had a thought on this last night - isn't the Miche track chainset meant to be fitted to a 107 mm axle to get a standard chainline of 42 mm? That might explain the problem you've got.
  • Is tha Miche Track B/B any good?
  • BronzieBronzie Posts: 4,927
    Is tha Miche Track B/B any good?
    Not the best - it's only a £12 jobbie. But I think you are going to struggle to get a 103mm bb to work with the Miche chainset unless you start filing bits off the crank (bodge).
  • I'm blaming it on old age, the B/B that came out was an American Classic ti axle at 103mm, on the cups it says left and right , I was stupid enough to think it meant left side, right side, so i was trying to put them in that way, STUPIDLY ! ! , it meant thread not side, cups and B/B re-installed , cranks fitted and no more problems, does anyone need a TA Axis light B/B with an axle lenght of 103mm ? It seems I have a spare ! ! ! ! ! !
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