spd vs road cleats

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i have been using shimano mtb20 shoes with shimano m5450 pedals the cleats are recessed so i can also walk in the shoes when i get to work. ive been thinking of changing them for road shoes but will need to change the pedals as well, will i notice much difference with road shoes cleats on on my weekend rides as too mts spd cleats


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    If you do a search there's loads of threads re: MTB v road pedal systems.
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  • Basically, road cleats give slightly better performance, whereas mtb cleats give you shoes you can walk in without doing a Torvill and Dean impression when you dismount. Take your choice.

    Personally, I use spds since the marginal increase in speed doesn't outweigh the practicality. The top end spd shoes are rigid but you can still walk. The softer ones you can wear like normal trainers. Which is why I have 2 pairs.
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    I'm of the same view as Andrew, I'm not a competitive rider and don't view the comfort gains from SPD-SL's et al vs. the practicality of an SPD as worthwhile. I've got the the top end Specialized MTB shoes (as well as a pair of Comp MTB shoes) and the the carbon soles are pretty stiff while I've still managed to walk a mile or so home without too much discomfort.

    That said I'm still to spend a full day in the saddle. Haven't felt and hotspots or sore feet on 50-60 mile runs though.

    FWIW, if I was to try a proper road pedal system I think I'd opt for Speedplays (am I right in thinking they're effectively doubled-sided too?)
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    You might want to try a set of pedals like these
    http://www.wiggle.co.uk/p/Cycle/7/Shima ... 360027292/
    They look quite sporty, give some extra support to the sole but still use spd. I use them on my winter trainning bike with a basic spd shoe and they work well - better for road than my MTB pedals.
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