help! peddels dont lock!

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my bro pushed my bike into a fence and now the pedels go both ways when still. before it would only go one way now though when it is still the peddels go both directions. is there a problem with it? how do i fix it?


  • sal613
    sal613 Posts: 31
    when i move the peddels the chain dont move. how do i fix it? help seriously needed!
  • keef66
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    sounds like the chain isn't on the chainwheel (big cog at the front) Lift the rear wheel off the ground and try moving the left hand shifter while turning the pedals forward
  • sal613
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    nvm lol
  • redddraggon
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    Perhaps if you put your original question into English you might get some responses.
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  • feel
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    turn the bike upside down so it is on its seat and handle bars. Check chain is running on cogs at front and back. If it has come off, put it partly back on and turn pedals to get it on properly, The rear deraileur is spring tensioned so will need to be straightened out to give sufficient slack in the chain to get it back on. If you have a bit of a play i'm sure you'll manage, mind your hands will get dirty.
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