shimano entry level shoes

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anybody have any experience of these?
any good?


  • ris
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    dunno, got a model no. to hand?
  • Doobz
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    Shimano R075 Road Shoe? I have a pair and use them for commuting and if I have to go out training when its pouring down.
    They are nice and comfy. Not the stiffest road shoe and the leather stretches a bit when it gets wet and makes the shoes quite squidgy and soft and the heal support is not very good.

    Other then that I have been happy with them but they are only really used in the worst conditions. I use Shimano R131 Road Shoes most days and they are awesome.. Supper stiff and very comfy
  • pmg001
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    yep those are the ones.
    Thanks for the reply.
    Think I'll go for the R099 as I know they're on sale somewhere.
  • Scrumple
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    The basic Specialised are better, in my opinion.
    Same price as the Shimano, but a better fit and feel.
  • I have a pair of R075 road shoes, too narrow for my feet, Spesh comp shoes I got as a repacement a much better fit. The moral is to try before you buy, as I learnt by my mistake..!
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    I've got them, they're my first road shoe, no complaints but then I have nothing to base it on.
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    I wear Shimano R072, very comfortable and do the job. I do have narrow feet though.