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Quick question re: cycle2 work scheme

RockyHopperShowRockyHopperShow Posts: 271
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Hi all, I have an old Rockhopper that I can now replace by using the Halfords Cycle2Work scheme. I have a Specialized dealer in Worthing that I trust. Can I use Halfords to source my new bike from the shop in Worthing or would they get a Spesh from some other place? Thanks in advance.
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  • passoutpassout Posts: 4,425
    I think that you can use the Halfords scheme outside of Halfords (eg Ribble Cycles, In-Bred/Planet X) but don't know if it is restricted. I'd ask Halfords first and your LBS. I would try to use your LBS if you can.
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  • Chaka PingChaka Ping Posts: 1,451
    If your employer is only using the Halfords scheme, you can only buy via their shops.

    So the answer is no, unfortunately.
  • ride_wheneverride_whenever Posts: 13,279
    But you can get the specialized through halfords and then keep using your trusted dealer. If you explain it is C2W they wont mind as they wouldn't make very much money on it as a C2W purchase anyway IIRC, and you can buy some cool accessories from them to keep them sweet, biscuits also help!
  • As far as I'm aware Halfords only used "approved" dealers to source other brands so your LBS won't be on the list I'm afraid. As previously stated your LBS shpuldn't mind too much though. Bear in mind that the 2009 models are coming onstream now and will have a price of around 15% higher, so factor that into any voucher value. 2008 models are becoming scarce now too, I've heard. Also be aware of any change in spec. For example the £499 Rockhopper had a Tora fork in 2008 but now seems to have a Dart 3.
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  • crichtencrichten Posts: 26
    There is a bit of an issue going on RE this.
    I'd try and kick up a fuss and demand that you can get the bike from you;re local dealer as won't get a warranty from specialized if you get it through halfords.
    Halfords wont give you a life time warranty either... and i would trust them with it if they did.

    Ive got a rockhopper pro through this only to be told that as i was not the original purchaser I have NO RIGHT to any warranty from specialized.....
  • Chaka PingChaka Ping Posts: 1,451
    crichten wrote:
    Ive got a rockhopper pro through this only to be told that as i was not the original purchaser I have NO RIGHT to any warranty from specialized.....

    Who told you this? Specialized or Halfords?

    Can't you say you're claiming on behalf of the owner, your employer?

    Seems a bit of a tough line for them to take, even if you have purchased the bike from your employer. Have you tried calling Halfords C2W team already?
  • crichtencrichten Posts: 26
    Its from specialized and it is the 'technical' line.
    I have personally spoken to the area rep for my LBS and they have said they will look after me which is good considering.

    I can't claim on behalf of halfords as the warranty is technically with the first purchaser, who is some randommer possibly pretending to be joe bloggs.

    The above is pretty much what there warranty terms are, obviously if you can get it agreed by specialized otherwise then fair do's Im just saying from personal experience.

    The bike is BRILLIANT though :)

    Might be an idea to talk to whomever is opperating your scheme and try and advise them of halfrauds being fraudulent hehehe...

    and to relate it in lamens terms think of buying a pre-reg car...... thats what you are getting and as far as specialized is concerened its similar to when tescos were getting LEVIS in from the continent.... think of halfords as tescos and specialized as LEVI....

    And as above no i haven't spoken to the C2W team as i don't really want to (halfords lost any chance of me supporting them when they screwed me in a previous incident only used halfords because we HAD TO)

    I've just told my employer to make them aware.
  • johnsavjohnsav Posts: 775
    halfords have a hotline for the C2W scheme that you can ring and discuss getting the bike you want. they are actually quite helpful, which is a shock. :lol:
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