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snap on maintainence gloves

garethquinngarethquinn Posts: 9
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I am looking for gloves which I could use when doing bicycle maintainence. I have noticed in one of the magazines someone using snapon labelled gloves. Does anyone have any suggestions regarding bike maintainence gloves


  • ride_wheneverride_whenever Posts: 13,279
    I tend to just use a box of nitrile gloves from the lab, I'm sure you could get some from the chemist.
  • Monty DogMonty Dog Posts: 20,614
    IME you have to be pretty kack-handed in order to need padded gloves - if you use the right tools correctly you should be minimising the chance of the tool slipping and your knuckles hitting the chainrings. I much prefer to use thin rubber gloves to give me good feel rather than relying on brute force and protection - you're less likely to damage components too if you apply the force evenly and away from any potential hazards.
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  • giant_mangiant_man Posts: 6,878
    You can get the thin rubber gloves, which are fine imo, very cheap from most places. Our local market had them for about a quid per box or something similar iirc.
  • redveeredvee Posts: 11,922
    Plenty of places will sell them. Screwfix will be a national chain, mine came in a handful I borrowed from work. Some might have a reaction to the powder in the 'beige' gloves, blue are unpowdered.
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  • ACMadoneACMadone Posts: 300
    Most supermarkets sell multi packs of latex gloves.
  • juankerrjuankerr Posts: 1,099
    Yeah, Screwfix do 100 gloves for less than a fiver. Choice of latex or "plastic" ones. Can't remember exactly what they are made of but they are the ones I use as they are a bit stronger and less gimpy.
  • NuggsNuggs Posts: 1,804
    ...or you could get a pack of 100 'special' Park Tools-branded gloves for £25 :shock: ... 360009367/
  • giant_mangiant_man Posts: 6,878
    For gods sake, look the same as any other latex glove. Put a name on em' and you can charge what you want. Tsk!! :evil:
  • fossyantfossyant Posts: 2,549
    Gloves..what's wrong with losing a bit of skin 'ere and there ?
  • geoff_ssgeoff_ss Posts: 1,201
    The mechanics where I get the car M oTd wear thin latex(?) gloves all the time. I think the reason is to avoid dermatitis rather than to protect against barked knuckles. I only wear them when I'm using epoxy for building toy aeroplanes. I bought a huge box full on eBay about 2 years ago for very little.

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  • robbarkerrobbarker Posts: 1,367
    I use nitrile gloves from Screwfix.
  • k-dogk-dog Posts: 1,652
    I get mine in Costco - 500 for about £5.

    I mostly use them as it makes cleaning up a lot easier - especially if I am tinkering at lunchtime.

    I'd rather have the unpowdered ones - just because I always manage to get a white handprint on my dark trousers.
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  • pedropetepedropete Posts: 227
    +1 for Srewfix nitrile gloves.

    An order of magnitude tougher than even the best latex glove and they don't don't dry out and disintegrate in the box as quick as latex either. In fact, I'm pretty sure the £11 Srewfix gloves are the same as the £25 Park ones. I've had one pair last though three big transmission jobs and they're still going strong (if bloody filthy!).

    Worth every penny if you spanner your bike a lot.

    PS. Avoid any and all vinyl gloves; they're cheap, nasty, sweaty crinkly things best used used for.... well, nothing really.
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