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Hi everyone,

Thought I'd say hello as I've been lurking around for a day or two looking at some of the existing threads. Was directed here by someone from the Amateur Photographer forum.

I've been thinking for quite a while now that I'd like to get a road bike. My main aim is to increase my fitness levels and lose a bit of weight. I do go down the gym quite regularly but it can get a bit dull and I enjoy the great outdoors so I can see myself putting in a fair few miles on the roads!

Hope you don't mind me asking a few stupid questions....and here's a couple for starters:

I've never been on a road bike before and have only ever used mountainbikes so I don't know much about them...I gather that with road bikes you need special shoes that actually clip on to the pedals? What's it like to get used to that...and how easy is it to slip one of your feet off the pedals if you need to stop quickly without falling over! haha

Also, I went into Evans cycles yesterday to check some bikes out in the £400-£500 range. The chap in there recommended this bike:

http://www.evanscycles.com/products/bia ... e-ec000027

Any good?




  • Rich Hcp
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    Not bad, some complain about Soera gears.

    You need to study a bit to find what you want., I'd look at the Specialized Allez as well.

    You don't have to have clipless pedals (as they are called) but it's better in the end. You soon get used to them!

    The main thing is to have a bike that you are comfortable with that fits

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  • I have an Allez, my first bike of any kind in far too long twat. It came with flat pedals and straps, most bikes seem to at that price range. I used them for a while (never anything like properly done up though) :shock: while I got my balance and road confidence back. I went clipless after a few months and wouldnt willingly go back now. I love my Allez which was £500 and I have no doubt folk will come on and tell you that they love their brand of bikes too. There are more than a few bikes in that price range, the best thing you can do is see which you are comfortable on and take it from there.

    That said most of the single speed folk I see have flat pedals. First thing you need is padded lycra shorts, if you havent any.
  • Rich Hcp wrote:
    Not bad, some complain about Soera gears.

    Hi Rich,

    Thanks for the tip...I will take a look at the Specialized bikes.

    Can I ask why some complain about this type of gears?


  • I have an Allez, my first bike of any kind in far too long fool.

    Im angrier at myself than "fool", didnt type that. Nothing "wrong" with Sora (here we go :roll: ) its Shimanos lowest groupset, my Allez has it, lots of £500 bikes have it. I have been thinking about upgrading for a while but there is nothing wrong with it, its fine for my first bike.
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    There is nothing wrong with Sora, that's why I put "some people"

    Because it's the lower end of the range it has a different gear change on the bars and some people don't like this.

    If you get a bike with a decent frame then you can upgrade later, if you want to.

    You get what is best for you, one that fits and that you can afford.

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