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Differences between lower end Shimano groupsets

The SpidermanThe Spiderman Posts: 5,625
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I am very familiar with mtb groupsets,but not so good with road stuff.I`m currently contemplating buying a new road bike to supplement my mtb,and trying to establish what I actually need.
I think having a budget of no more than £600,most of the bikes I am looking at are equipped with Sora or Tiagra kit.What are the practical differences between the 2 groupsets.What do you gain if you spend more and go to 105?
Also same question for Campag Mirage v Xenon.
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  • risris Posts: 392
    sora and tiagra shifters are slightly different - sora uses the brake lever to travel 'up' the cogs and a small button on the inside of the hood to travel 'down'.

    tiagra uses the brake lever to go up and a second inner lever to travel down.

    105 is in principle a 10speed system (although it can be found as part of a mixed unit. sora and tiagra are 9spd i think. there may be some weight savings in there too, but not certain.
  • synchronicitysynchronicity Posts: 1,415
    I wouldn't get sora as a main bike... it's the bare minimum I suppose fo a serious cyclist.

    Tiagra is obviously better, and if you want to go to 10 speed, get the 105 shifters, cassette & chain. Not much difference in the other parts from there up IMO.
  • acorn_useracorn_user Posts: 1,137
    08 Xenon and Mirage differ in materials. Xenon has steel reinforced plastic levers while Mirage has alloy levers. Mirage also gets an Ultra Torque chainset whereas Xenon has a square taper BB.
  • steerpikesteerpike Posts: 424
    what do people think of the front / rear mech on this bike that I am buying? (the COMP one)
  • FJSFJS Posts: 4,820
    For Xenon vs Mirage, that'll be a redundant question very very soon; Campa is scrapping both its lower end groups from next year.
  • richaricha Posts: 1,634
    steerpike wrote:
    what do people think of the front / rear mech on this bike that I am buying?
    Tiagra front & 105 rear will do a good job. No worries there.
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