stupid question re inner tubes

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I have a giant scr 1 with 700x26c wheels, now looking at buying spare inner tubes as i'm useless at fixing punctures, however when i go and look to buy an innertube, the options don't add up to the above figures.....

for example ... 360007390/

options given = presta 700x18-25 or presta 700x32-47

no i know there will be a obvious answer to this, but i'm not sure what ones to get....

apologies if this is super stupid!


  • Scrumple
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    I looked the other night and was lost too!
    I'm guessing the two figures are a range, and that they fit any tyre within?

    Wiggle has one type of continental, and Ribble has another . Tour 26, Race 28, Race 28 light etc.
    Which is best for all round road bike use... ?? I just want a pack of 5 or more for my Planet X and my ride to work and back!

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    have a look at this web site

    may answer your question for you
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    It depends on the size of tyre you're using, rather than just the rim size. For example you could fit a 32mm tyre on the 26mm rims. If it was me, I'd use 700x18-25 for up to 28mm tyres, and 700x32-47 for anything bigger. There's a lot of leeway, I wouldn't worry to much.
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    so still a little confused, the only numbers i can see on my tyres are 700 - 26c so what would fit that?
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    so you have 700 by 26, so get the skinny tubes (18-25)
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    Apologies, I thought your rim size was 26, not your tyre. 700x18-25 will be fine, the larger size is too big for a 26c tyre.
  • So, just to check I'm not being really dense & misunderstanding this:

    For 700x38C hybrid tyres will 700x35-40 inner tubes be OK?

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    You are correct.
  • Thanks! It all becomes clear (or at least, less confusing)