What to do with an old bike?

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I have a 7 year old cheap hybrid, which is rusty and currently unridable as it's creaking like anything - I think it's the bottom bracket. The bike only cost £150 new and I've had my money's worth, so it's time to get rid to make space in my garage. I've hardly ridden in the last 2 years anyway since I got my new bike.

I doubt it's worth anything, but I'm reluctant to just put it to landfill. I've heard there are places that take bikes to recycle (no pun intended), but would they want something in such a poor state?

Anybody got any other ideas?


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    I dug out my 20 odd year old Peugeot this weekend.
    Carbolite 103 frame. Still love the pearl/metallic, off white frame with understated details.

    Its heavy, but surely the tip is not the place to retire it?
  • I took two to recyke-y-bike in newcastle , i live about twenty miles away. The bike gets serviced and sold on if suitable, or packed off to Africa or dismantled and properly recycled. Do a web search, there are others, Leeds and Ipswich for sure.
    Dont chuck it in the skip yourself.