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Currently GB Cycling's got 6 event golds, 3 silvers and 2 Bronze - (with the pursuit and sprint team members each with gold) with more to come. There are pages of national newspaper coverage about GB riders. They're reaping the just reward for their 4 years hard work where most went unrecognised by the public and media. In a year they'll have lost their newsworthiness as the general public assumes they're wel-rewarded on £im/year salaries as professionals.

But we must work hard that their achievements are well-recognised and will last. The athletics community make sure their Olympic medallists get public approbation - for which they welly deserve eg Kelly Holmes.

I contacted my local newspaper and council saying I felt our local cycling medallist must be recognised - the athlete hasn't been in the local newspapers so far despite national recognition. They noted my comments and asked me to write - they're awaiting all athletes performance to end of Olympics. I wrote to my local club (the athlete isn't a member) and received a reply from an irate husband that his wife's achievements were far more worthy than the said Olympian.

This is the time to ensure our Olympic cyclists get their recognition for the stunning achievements, hard work, suffering and sacrifice they've had. In future this may not occur again.
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